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D-day Info presents all possible facts, stories, persons, battles, operations and actua related to the Normandy landings in a beautiful and attractive way. All possible sources that can still be found today will be used.

D-day Info was created in the first place to keep alive the events that took place before, during and after the Normandy landings, for the generation of today and the one of tomorrow.

Any history buff can also come here to learn about the various aspects of the Normandy landings. Visitors who know less about this event can also easily find their way here to expand their knowledge. This website is also a tribute to the veterans, civilians and fallen soldiers who experienced this important period in our history.

The intention is to keep reminding people of the impact this period had on the future of our world. With this website, we hope to build a long-term project to keep the visitor interested.

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"There is only one thing worse than their death and that is forgetting it."

‘Never lest we forget’

It is a term we often hear at commemorations. For us, this is certainly the case for the younger generation. It is a priority for us to make the information available on this website as attractive as possible to young people. Even though it is more than 75 years ago, it remains important to keep reminding this target group that the Second World War had an enormous impact on the world we live in today.

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